Well, I sure did muck that up.

Can I strip a screw or what.

the damage

Here’s a great hilarious thread on /r/gameboy about it in which I am somewhat overly dramatic.

I ordered the 3dscapture.com original DS USB capture board with the intention of giving it the good old college try as plan A (doesn’t involve soldering!  Seemed do-able) and plan B would be packing the whole thing up with my tears and sending it away for a responsible adult to fix for me when I invariably couldn’t do it.

Plan B it is!  I couldn’t even get the back off my DS without stripping a screw (the head, not the thread, I think).  It’s frustrating because I am very detail oriented and good at fiddly work, but I guess my natural patience for hand sewing doesn’t cross-transfer to turning tiny screws.  The video made it look like something I was capable of doing.

Really thought I could do that.  :s

Waiting for pay day, then I am going to send it off to a buddy a few towns over who is especially talented at this stuff.  In the meantime, my laptop is older than dirt so surely I am going to have to upgrade to a slightly better rig if I would like to capture and/or stream from my DS, so I am trying to figure out how much that’s going to cost so I can start budgeting for it.  In the meantime, I should probably just start playing and blogging about my favourite GBA and DS games!


The fakest fake that ever faked

Even though my screen name is GBA Gamer Girl, I have a much larger DS collection than GBA!  😉  That said, I recently posted my humble collection to r/gamecollecting to see what the peanut gallery had to say (they were complimentary and valued the same things that I did) but one poster especially noticed that in a big picture of many carts, my TMNT cart looked bootleg.

My original photo post to /r/gamecollecting- I feel like I have lost a few carts over the years, I feel like my collection wasn’t always this thin…

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Let’s starts at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Step one:  Order a NDS capture card.

Step two:  Buy a NDS on kijiji.

20160228_103518 (1)


(Surprised it was boxed!  I did *NOT* pay 179.99 for it, by the way, haha.  And he threw in the copy of Animal Crossing Wild World free of charge!  I have gone from losing a beloved copy of that game to having surplus copies- AWESOME.)

Step three:  Wait for the capture card to arrive ;_;  (I did already get a USPS tracking number and shipping notification- YAAAAS!)

There was a time in my life when arguably, I was a pretty advanced computer end user.  I had a lot of fun dabbling in HTML, goofing around in photo editors.  There was also a time that I was super into video games, and even kept a gaming blog.  I’d love to foster some of those skills again, and add others (video)- so I’ve decided to start game blogging again, and I’d like to capture my own images and videos.  I’d like to play around with twitch.tv and YouTube.  I have no grand delusions that I’ll be popular on either of those platforms, but I think I can have some fun sharing my GBA and NDS collections (among my other portable distractions) on this blog 🙂  I’d love to have a 3DS capture card since that’s the platform I play the most these days, but they seem to be pricey and in short supply- so that gives me the motivation to explore some titles that I really loved last gen or two, and discover some that I had always wanted to play.  I had a lot of fun blogging about games on 1up.com and I’d like to re-live that 🙂

I am super anxious about installing the capture card though!