AHHH look what I didn’t lose in the move after all!

My original launch DS and Motocross Challenge indie print run cart.  YAAAS


Only been looking for this stuff for 18 months.  Better late than never!  Post about Motocross Challenge coming soon, now that I’ve found the cart!  🙂


The fakest fake that ever faked

Even though my screen name is GBA Gamer Girl, I have a much larger DS collection than GBA!  😉  That said, I recently posted my humble collection to r/gamecollecting to see what the peanut gallery had to say (they were complimentary and valued the same things that I did) but one poster especially noticed that in a big picture of many carts, my TMNT cart looked bootleg.

My original photo post to /r/gamecollecting- I feel like I have lost a few carts over the years, I feel like my collection wasn’t always this thin…

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