AHHH look what I didn’t lose in the move after all!

My original launch DS and Motocross Challenge indie print run cart.  YAAAS


Only been looking for this stuff for 18 months.  Better late than never!  Post about Motocross Challenge coming soon, now that I’ve found the cart!  🙂


Well, I sure did muck that up.

Can I strip a screw or what.

the damage

Here’s a great hilarious thread on /r/gameboy about it in which I am somewhat overly dramatic.

I ordered the 3dscapture.com original DS USB capture board with the intention of giving it the good old college try as plan A (doesn’t involve soldering!  Seemed do-able) and plan B would be packing the whole thing up with my tears and sending it away for a responsible adult to fix for me when I invariably couldn’t do it.

Plan B it is!  I couldn’t even get the back off my DS without stripping a screw (the head, not the thread, I think).  It’s frustrating because I am very detail oriented and good at fiddly work, but I guess my natural patience for hand sewing doesn’t cross-transfer to turning tiny screws.  The video made it look like something I was capable of doing.

Really thought I could do that.  :s

Waiting for pay day, then I am going to send it off to a buddy a few towns over who is especially talented at this stuff.  In the meantime, my laptop is older than dirt so surely I am going to have to upgrade to a slightly better rig if I would like to capture and/or stream from my DS, so I am trying to figure out how much that’s going to cost so I can start budgeting for it.  In the meantime, I should probably just start playing and blogging about my favourite GBA and DS games!